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Jul 14, 2021

Join Sgt. Tom Datro and his guest Charles Fan Lehman, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute as they discuss data in policing. The Manhattan Institute is a conservative non-profit American think tank focused on domestic policy and urban affairs, established in Manhattan in 1977. Lehman is currently working on their Policing and Public Safety Initiative and as contributing editor for the City Journal. In this episode, they discuss data in policing, the defunding of the police movement, and the repercussions of George Floyd’s death. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Lehman’s opinion on the current state of policing
  • “The Minneapolis Effect?” 
  • Extending the probationary period for new officers
  • The importance of data-driven policing 
  • “Data on policing in America is terrible... it comes out slow... it’s voluntary reporting” - Charles Lehman


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