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Feb 15, 2023

In this episode, I continue my post-Memphis series with Dr. Frank Tortorello.  Dr. Tortorello is a trained and educated cultural anthropologist, author, researcher, and strategist.  Dr. Tortorello has a number of articles and his book can be found here

The Wandering Cop - An issue that needs to be addressed

Apr 2, 2022

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dr. Dorothy Schulz.  Dr. Schulz is a professor emerita at John Jay College, a retired NY city METRO North Rail Captain, an adjunct Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, author, scholar, and all-around great lady.

Aug 24, 2021

In this bonus episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Professor Peter Moskos from John Jay College.  Professor Moskos is an author, a historian, a former police officer with the Baltimore Police Department, and an all-around reasonable gentleman.  

Aug 3, 2021

Arif Alikhan is a National expert on policing, public policy, homeland security, counter-terrorism, and the law.  In this episode, Arif explains the importance of the Constitution and how this body of work needs to be at the forefront of policing in America.    

Jul 14, 2021

Join Sgt. Tom Datro and his guest Charles Fan Lehman, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute as they discuss data in policing. The Manhattan Institute is a conservative non-profit American think tank focused on domestic policy and urban affairs, established in Manhattan in 1977. Lehman is currently working on their...