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Mar 30, 2021

Join Sgt. Tom Datro and his guest Kristy Hodson PhD., as they discuss the neuroscience, specifically the possible schema at play in the officer Derek Chauvin's mind as they engaged with George Floyd. They talk about how our body reacts when our belief system is challenged (whether we realized it or not). And, Kristy shares a personal story about how her beliefs toward police where challenged due to an interaction with her family member.

  • Defining "schema" and discussing neuroscience at play. 
  • "I always thought police were the good guys until..." 
  • The importance of asking yourself if you're in an informational silo. 
  • Why more education for police is needed.  
  • "We are so much more than the results of our worst mistake."

CORRECTION FROM PRODUCTION:  There was an editing error around 18:00 mins that added silences and had the guests speaking over each other from time to time. This was not on behalf of the host. The issue has been adjusted. Thank you 

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